About SRA

Founded in 2007, Stoneleigh Recovery Associates provides nationwide debt collection services on behalf of our clients in multiple vertical market segments. Our debt profiles include: auto finance, bankcard, commercial, healthcare, retail and student loan.

We are fully compliant with all federal laws and state licensing standards. SRA strictly adheres to FDCPA regulations and strives to perform at the highest level of integrity and confidentiality standards.

SRA’s modern recovery techniques and audited industry best practices are enhanced by our state-of-the-art call center. Together, with our strong work ethic and fully transparent process, SRA provides our clients maximum recovery. We have been active for over a decade with continuing growth and a long list of clients who insist on SRA.

Core Goals

  • Provide superior brand protection.

  • Implement ethical and compliant best practices.

  • Liquidate debt at a profit.

  • Protect consumer information.

  • Maintain transparency through active involvement with federal and state regulators.

Mission Statement

To provide direction and assistance to our client’s valued consumers by reducing their debt and improving their lives. We aim to maintain the integrity and reputation of our customer’s brand while operating in a socially responsible agency environment.

Business Methodology

We respect the dignity of each consumer, client, investor and employee through hard work and high ethical and compliant standards. SRA’s unwavering focus to improve the life of our client’s customers will help us succeed. We realize our philosophy through our methods: compassionate and experienced collection teams, thorough and up-to-date technology, and maximum data security.

We believe that the majority of these consumers very much desire to reduce what they owe and eliminate their debts by changing their financial behavior. They understand that these actions will improve their credit rating, remove financial stress from their lives and re-build their purchase power with their established creditors. It is our agency’s mission to assist our client’s consumers to reach financial health and view their creditors as partners in this endeavor.

SRA’s performance to date is a direct result of our methodology, which is manifested in our mission statement, our operating philosophy and through our internal operating standards. Our practices have been developed and tested by our management team. They have proven successful not only in a robust business climate, but also during financially challenging times.

Maximum Data Security

SRA has invested heavily in technology, with primary expenditures in systems that maintain the highest level of data security.  The foundation of our IT services is an advanced, fully-redundant computer network protected by real-time, anti-virus spyware and IDS/IPS systems.  Our server facility is safeguarded through video surveillance, electronic key lock, motion detectors, a full-time natural gas generator and a climate controlled monitoring system.

The safety of client information is paramount, and our IT Department is vigilant in its efforts to act as the agency watchdog for client data delivered to SRA. All telecommunications are run through two separate access providers for fail-safe redundancy.

SRA Corporate Office

Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, LLC, was founded in 2007 with a principal focus on primary credit card collection. Since that time, we have opened up several revenue streams, including the medical and automotive sectors.

Our physical office is located in Lombard, Illinois, in a commercial office park just 22 miles west of Chicago and 15 miles southwest of O’Hare International Airport. We occupy 23,500-square-feet in a free-standing 34,000-square-foot building, giving SRA the ability to expand their physical space as the business continues to grow.

SRA currently employs approximately 85 collectors, managers, and support staff, and we focus on hiring members of past or present military families.

Our Experience

Bankcard - 10 years
Retail - 10 years
Auto Finance - 8 years
Commercial - 8 years
Healthcare - 7 years
Student Loan - 2 years

Compassionate and Experienced Collection Teams

SRA’s high liquidation results are a direct result of two collection practices: (1) the shared corporate belief that our actions will directly impact the lives of our client’s consumers by helping them improve their financial status and (2) the disciplined operations of our highly-trained collector management teams.

Working in an environment of professionalism and mutual respect, collectors and their managers adhere to a proprietary “Policies & Procedures” manual, which was developed internally and specifies all working processes and SSAE16 SOC 2 Type II accredited controls.  Training is ongoing and individual collection results are shared among teams. Collection calls to consumers are recorded and monitored by management on a regular basis. They are used to reinforce and/or correct collection strategies with particular emphasis on a compassionate, empathetic approach to sensitive debtor situations.

Our collection managers are all highly trained and have over 100 years of combined collection, portfolio, client and marketing management expertise, which was acquired while working for some of the largest and most respected Fortune 500 companies. 

High Ethical and Compliant Standards

SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II certified complianceSRA’s attention to industry compliance is grounded in high business and ethical internal standards. We set to meet or exceed the state and federal debt collection requirements as well as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus’ (CFPB’s) industry guidance. Our CMS protocol, regularly reviewed by the SRA Board of Directors, provides a comfort level to our clients. As federal and state governing bodies continue to scrutinize collection industry practices, SRA has responded in kind by establishing a risk-adverse environment for our clients and collection teams.

We employ a full-time, in-house general counsel whose compliance staff regularly monitors local and federal regulations for changes in laws concerning interest rates, out-of-state collections, statute of limitation changes, and new or revised federal and state regulations. This department has established internal policies and procedures to exceed the minimum requirements set forth by these laws.  Our director of compliance conducts regular internal audits and continuous training sessions for all collection teams.

SRA has received its SSAE16 SOC 1 Type II and SSAE16 SOC 2 Type II certificates, and the agency has passed a CFPB Gap Assessment audit.