Debt Collection Terms Defined

Debt Collection Terms Defined An original creditor, also known as an original lender or originator, is a bank or other business that provided creditor a loan to a consumer. Original creditors may sell non-paying accounts to debt purchasers who then are referred to as the current creditor. Original creditors and current creditors often hire third-party debt collection…

We do not report to any of the credit bureaus and have no control over what is reported

FAQ: Credit Reporting

FAQ: Credit Reporting Stoneleigh Recovery Associates does not report to credit bureaus.   Stoneleigh Recovery Associates is a debt collector. We do not report to credit bureaus and have no control over what is reported. Here is a list of frequently asked questions we receive about credit scores:   Q: What will happen to my…

How to Stop Documents through Email Communication cover photo

How to Stop Email Communication | #DebtEducation

How to Stop Email Communication | #DebtEducation onClick=”ga(‘send’, ‘event’, { eventCategory: ‘video’, eventAction: ‘watch’, eventLabel: ‘debt education video’, eventValue: 0});” Do you no longer wish to receive emails from Stoneleigh Recovery Associates? On this episode of Debt Education, we’ll teach you how to unsubscribe by making a “stop email communication” request. How to stop email…