Diverse Portfolio Experience


Stoneleigh Recovery Associates is among the most respected companies in the accounts receivable management industry.  We diligently remain in the forefront of our industry to lead the charge in molding the future. We approach every interaction with a high level of integrity and honesty to provide choice to our clients and their customers.

We understand your customers are more than numbers, and you need a partner with a solid understanding of consumer behavior within your industry. We meticulously analyze each account within a segment to mold our communication strategy for the best results in the industry. We listen to consumer interactions and conduct regular A/B testing, which allows our agency to further refine the collection strategy we deploy.

Change is inevitable in the debt collection marketplace; therefore, in order for a business to effectively compete, diversification is critical. In today’s economic landscape, the ebbs and flows of each market segment presents both obstacles and opportunities. When presented with a challenge or loss of economic opportunity, it is prudent for businesses to select an agency which is not dependent solely on one specific collection market, but rather has the expertise to effectively interact in more than one market segment. At SRA, we have found that market economics and legislative changes in one given segment can soon impact another. Our company’s participation in the diverse segments of the collection industry provides us with valuable insight into newer trends and practices, allowing us to react to change early. We can then modify and adapt our procedures to immediately meet new restrictions, regulations and techniques, which are not readily apparent to single market participants.

Industries We Serve:


  • Auto finance
  • Bankcard
  • Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Student loan