Services We Provide

SRA focuses attention on customizing a workflow to best suit your business needs, creating programs that are specific to each company’s goals. Whether you seek a best-practices recovery solution, a custom-made solution or a hybrid model, SRA has the flexibility and creativity to exceed your expectations.

Pre Charge-off

We aid in facilitating customer payment prior to the account reaching charge-off status, which is normally commenced at six months past due.


We assist our clients with identifying slow payers and newly delinquent accounts to provide an opportunity for their customers to bring their account to current and in-good-standing status.

First-Party Collections

Stoneleigh Recovery Associates provides a personalized, customer-centric approach to contacting clients’ “past-due” customers to remind them of their obligation to pay their account.

Third-Party Collections

Stoneleigh Recovery Associates’ third party collection service effectively communicates with delinquent customers during these periods. The goal is to assist our clients in decreasing their net write-offs and the burdensome cost and effort of collecting after charge-off.