Financial Services


Stoneleigh Recovery Associates (SRA) has been providing Account Receivable Management Services for nearly a decade.  Our recovery representatives are thoroughly trained and continuously updated on the multitude of rules and regulations impacting the debt collection industry.   At SRA, we believe in creating opportunities for potential customers to open dialogue with our agency and begin to work together to create repayment solutions which are beneficial to both the consumer and credit grantor.  SRA is consistently focused on honing the communication skills necessary to effectively deal with sensitive matters encountered daily with our client’s customers.

Each of our business units function as a team to create, implement, and challenge existing business methods to craft improved customized-solutions for our clients.  We continuously champion workflows and vendors to optimize “Best Practice” methods in determining the optimal course of action to reach the delinquent customer in a timely fashion and to offer our assistance in resolving their debt.  Our client base includes multiple vertical products that provide SRA with unique insights into diverse emerging trends across many business segments.

Financial service providers are increasingly challenged in today’s market.   Our company understands that protecting your “brand” is paramount to you.  At Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, LLC, we provide first-party and third-party debt recovery services to assist your organization in reaching your collection goals.

SRA provides market solutions that satisfy your economic needs, while treating the consumer with dignity and respect.  We strive to maintain a high customer satisfaction index by maximizing your liquidation rates, reducing your churn and DSO rates, and adhering to the latest changes in local, state and federal regulations.  As a part of our core mission, we seek to build our partnerships for the long-term.

Markets We Serve:


  • Bankcard
  • Retail
  • Auto
  • Mortgage
  • DDA
  • Consumer Loans