First-Party Collections

While most companies recognize the significance of communicating with their customers in the early stages of the delinquency cycle, many simply do not have the resources or knowledge base necessary to sustain consistent and cost-effective outbound calling and contact strategies.   Stoneleigh Recovery Associates however, provides a personalized, customer-centric approach to contacting client’s past-due customers to remind them of their obligation to pay their account.  SRA’s first-party collection service is a cost effective solution, the benefits of first-party outbound calling campaigns include:

  • Reducing your overhead and operating expenses
  • Increasing your payment percentage by adding an outbound call strategy and written notices
  • Increasing your response rates in excess of 200% as compared to written notices
  • Resolving your DSO by 17% to 26% faster than written notices

Overall, and most importantly, 9 of 10 customers that are contacted through outbound calling strategies engage in repayment discussions.

SRA’s First-Party Collection service provides an efficient solution that companies can utilize to effectively communicate with their customers.   We assist companies who value respectful yet effective communication efforts.  We work closely with you and your staff to identify and define the best solution to meet the goals of your organization.