At Stoneleigh Recovery Associates, LLC, we understand the rapidly changing landscape of the Healthcare Market.  Our clients choose our recovery services not only because we understand the industry and the compliance involved, but also because of the track-record of our collections professionals who deliver a customer-centric approach.

SRA services a wide range of collection strategies for many types of healthcare institutions and professionals; from hospitals, urgent care, ambulatory and EMS facilities and clinics, to physicians, specialists, dentists, and chiropractors.  Workers compensation claims, patient responsibility claims, account claims, insurance follow up, pre-collection, and third-party assistance are many of the complicated issues we address and handle for our clients.

Once your internal efforts have been exhausted, SRA can take over third-party, self-pay claims on your behalf. We recognize that each type of account requires a distinct set of practices to resolve the respective challenges.  Our agency provides the service of handling your medical collections without damaging your professional reputation or risking a patient loss.

Our medical collection methodology is very sensitive to your patient base.  We feel our expertise in handling payment issues in an ethical manner is the difference that sets us apart from other agencies. We focus our efforts by reducing write-offs in a manner in which protects your reputation and assures that your patients will continue to seek the medical services you offer.