Third-Party Collections


Companies, both large and small, encounter similar challenges when it comes to deriving ways to assist their delinquent customers. A sense of urgency needs to be communicated in order for the customer to make payments prior to their account being charged off as a bad debt. Stoneleigh Recovery Associates’ third-party collection service effectively communicates with delinquent customers during these periods. The goal is to assist our clients in decreasing their net write-offs and the burdensome cost and effort of collecting after charge-off.

We consult with you prior to placement in order to ensure the data supplied will assist SRA in collecting the largest percentage of delinquent accounts possible. Implementing a data-skip waterfall allows SRA to dramatically reduce inactive time caused by insufficient information used to locate the customer. Our skip-locating process—coupled with third-party collection notices and directed outbound calling campaigns—provides our clients with a solution to achieve the greatest contact rate and collect from the largest percentage of delinquent customers.